Meetings, Channels and Broadcasting

Broadcasting to a Group

A broadcast is a one-directional video call, which can be useful for making announcements or giving presentations.   To give a broadcast, first select the Group to which you would like to broadcast in the Chats tab. Then, hover your mouse over the Broadcast icon in the upper right hand corner, and select “Broadcasting”. Clicking […]

Scheduling a Meeting

Meetora allows you to schedule both one-on-one and group calls ahead of time, sending invitations to the participants and adding it to your list of meetings.   First, go to the Meetings tab in the navigation menu on the left (bottom on mobile). Click the New Meeting button  to set up a new meeting. You […]

Messaging and Sharing to a Channel

You can use a channel to share information and files with a large audience without receiving replies.   Once your channel has been created and you’ve added contacts to it, you can start using it to communicate with your Community. Click the Channels tab in the navigation menu on the left (bottom on mobile) and […]

Creating a Channel

Channels are a one-directional communication method that allows you to send out information to many of your contacts without receiving replies. This is optimal for making announcements to your Community.   To create a new channel, go to the Chats tab of your navigation panel on the left side of the screen (bottom on mobile) […]

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