Getting Started

Logging In to Meetora

Welcome to Meetora!   Many users who are new to Meetora will be joining it via invitation, because their organization or company has created a Community on Meetora and added their members to it. To join via invitation, simply click the link in the message you received and follow the instructions to finish creating your […]

Adding and Managing Your Contacts

Once you’ve created your account, the last step before you start messaging and calling is to add your contacts.   Click Contacts in the navigation panel on the left (bottom on mobile). Next, click the New Contact icon and enter the contact’s first and last name and their phone number. Click Save to finish adding […]

SMS or Email Verification

You can use either your phone number or email address to create your Meetora account. If you create your account with your phone number, you will receive your verification code via SMS. If you use your email address, you will receive your verification code via email. Your SMS verification code will be a 6-digit number […]

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